rEvo III Expedition MCCR with Petrel Monitor and rEvo Dream
rEvo III Expedition MCCR with Petrel Monitor and rEvo Dream
rEvo III Expedition MCCR with Petrel Monitor and rEvo Dream

rEvo III Expedition MCCR with Petrel Monitor and rEvo Dream

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The rEvo III Expedition mCCR is a manually operated closed circuit rebreather based on the CMF principle: (constant mass flow). During diving a constant flow of oxygen bleeds into the breathing loop of the rebreather. The flow rate is high enough to provide a diver in rest with a life sustaining breathable oxygen flow. The flow rate can be adjusted to the individual metabolic rate of the diver. But it is kept low enough to be safe. During the dive the diver controls and monitors their PPO2 with the help of the LED indication of the HUD and their handsets: when needed they can manually add oxygen through the oxygen addition valve to maintain the desired PPO2. It must be clear that the rEvo III EXPEDITION mCCR is not an electronically controlled rebreather: there is no computer which decides when oxygen has to be added: that is the role of the diver. If they do not monitor and adjust the PPO2 regularly, this will lead to hypoxia, unconsciousness and ultimately, death. (*with the optional hCCR electronics, the rEvo becomes a fully electronically controlled rebreather)

Easy to setup, easy to transport, easy to dive and easy to maintain!

The rEvo III EXPEDITION mCCR has been designed with one clear purpose in mind: simplicity in setup, simplicity in use and simplicity in maintenance. The user has access to all rebreather parts. Oxygen cells, ADV, orifice, scrubber canisters, moisture pads can be reached by demounting the main cover, removing one screw. This unique design means that the rebreather has only 4 connections with o-rings used by the diver: 2 for the breathing hoses and 2 for the main cover: the scrubber lid (each with a double o-ring). The risk of leaking, wrong connections, wrong assembly and forgotten o-rings has thus been reduced to a minimum!

  • Weight of the rEvo ready to dive (full 3 litre heavy steel cylinders, packed canister, stainless steel housing, BCD, backplate = 31 kg (including 2.7 kg absorbent).
  • Empty weight (without absorbent and cylinders) = 17.5kg.
  • Size: with steel 3litre cylinders: 64 x 40 x 18 (cm).
  • Constant oxygen flow by means of an orifice, manual oxygen and diluent addition, automatic diluent valve.
  • Two completely independent programmable PPO2 monitors with LED indication on two HUDs (rEvodream P5).
  • Securely attached mouthpiece.
  • Ergonomically integrated backplate to create a minimal static WOB (work of breathing).