Shearwater Petrel 2 EXT
Shearwater Petrel 2 EXT

Shearwater Petrel 2 EXT


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Petrel 2 OC/CC Trimix with External CCR/SCR Monitoring 

The Petrel2-EXT includes a Fischer 103 I/O port used for external PO2 monitoring of up to three oxygen sensors in a rebreather loop. Once the Petrel2- EXT is plugged in to the sensor cable via the Fischer 103A connector and calibrated it uses the PPO2 input from the sensors to determine the system average PPO2 used for decompression calculations and CNS tracking. A voting algorithm is used to decide which of the three sensors are likely to be correct. If a sensor matches either of the other two sensors within ±20%, it passes voting. The system average PPO2 is the average of all sensors that have passed voting.

OC air, nitrox, trimix, and gauge mode
CC external monitoring of 1, 2, or 3 O2 cells or fixed PPO2
5 OC gases / 5 CC gases
3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass
Smart Ready Bluetooth